Spare parts

To buy spare parts for chainsaw Husqvarna 137-142. It means to restore Husgvarna chain saw original working condition. A little information and any repairs can be made yourself.
In our shop for repairs
Starter, Sump cylinder, Piston. Piston, ring, needle bearing.
Crankshaft, oil pump plunger. Pot cover, cylinder.
Magneto (magnet), carburetor, clutch. Pulse tube, seals, bearings.
Chain sprocket, star coupling, ratchet. Spring ratchet oil pump drive.
Pull choke carb, fuel filter, brake handle.
Air filter, tensioner circuits.
Buying spare parts for chainsaw Husqvarna at our store. You can bring your motor-saw second life.
Send to Kiev, Odessa, Lutsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine.
Courier delivery is New mail.